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Welcome to Saplings!


The children follow the curriculum and are encouraged to be independent. This page aims to give you an insight into what the children have been up to in lesson.     


The Autumn Term 2019

Our theme for this term is belonging.  We will be investigating how we fit into the local area and beyond. 


In maths we shall be exploring place value and how that knowledge helps us with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We shall be finding out about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.  Later in the term, we will look at fractions and decimals including how they relate to each other.


Our books for the term are The boy at the back of the class and The jungle book.  We shall use the books to explore belonging and base our writing on these texts.  We will compare our experiences of school with the boy in the book, The boy at the back of the class.  His experiences as a refugee will be used to create a newspaper article about refugees.  The Jungle Book will allow us to compare the local area to a jungle and also allow us the further investigate what it means to belong.


As geographers we will be investigating the local area, looking at the use of land and why people settled here.  Then we will investigate further a field, comparing Wykeham to the main cities in the UK.


In science we are looking at forces and how they effect movement.  We will investigate gravity, magnets, friction and air resistance.  We also have a trip booked to the science and technology fair in Scarborough for later in the term.


As artists we will be exploring portraits and all the skills needed to produce portraits in a variety of styles.  We will see how pencil drawings differ from paintings and how different artists have interpreted portraits.


In PE we are focusing on ball skills, such as passing, catching and throwing.  We will see how different sports use these skills in different situations.  

Later in the term we will be visiting the swimming pool to practise our swimming skills.








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