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Saplings Summer plan - Fantasy

Welcome to Saplings!


The children follow the curriculum and are encouraged to be independent. This page aims to give you an insight into what the children have been up to in lesson.     


Following a successful trial last year, children in Year 3 and 4 are continuing to use the learning journals.  This is a student driven, digital portfolio, that allows students to save, share and reflect on their learning with both their peers and their families.


The Summer Term 2019


50 Years since the Moon landings!


This term our topic will be Fantasy and we will be exploring the picture book, Where the wild things are, as well as the J M Barrie novel, Peter Pan.  Running along side this, we will be exploring the history behind the space race and celebrating 50 years since the Moon landings in the Summer of 1969.


In maths we will be looking at measurements, children will be Measuring, comparing, adding and subtracting: lengths (m/cm/mm); mass (kg/g); volume/capacity (l/ml).  We are also going to be investigating data and how it can be represented.


In English we will be creating our own sequels to Maurice Sendak's where the wild things are, as well as creating our own legends, writing play scripts and using film to inspire our literacy.


In PE we will concentrating on developing our coordination and ball skills, playing a variety of ball games including cricket and football.  During the second part of the Summer term we will be holding our P.E. sessions at the cricket ground.


In French Year 3 going to learn the names of some fruits and express likes and dislikes about them while with Year 4 we will learn how to buy vegetables and talk about healthy and unhealthy food. After half term Year 3 are going to concentrate on expressing opinions about sport, whilst Year 4 will talk about their musical tastes.


So far this year ....


The Autumn Term




Our Autumn topic  was Remembrance.  We learnt about the events of WW1 and WW2, thinking about the effects both at home and on the front.  We also explored the effect of the Wars on our local area and visited Wykeham Abbey, which had been used as a hospital during this time.


In English we produced newspaper reports on the blitz, as well as writing diary entries and letters.  Following our visit to Eden camp, we produced propaganda posters and wrote our own stories about life on the battlefield.  As remembrance day approached we wrote our own remembrance poems.


During the Autumn term, our science focussed on fossils and rocks, researching Mary Anning and writing a biography. 


In Maths we looked at place value, the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)  We also explored 3D shapes, angles, parallel and perpendicular.  We also looked at fractions of numbers as well as how to add and subtract fractions.


In PE we went to Pickering swimming pool to develop our water confidence and swimming skills.


Trips and visitors - Autumn 2018


We kicked off the year with a trip to Eden camp which was very informative and much of the information we discovered was brought back into school to support our work in English and History.


We had a visit from Mr Wood, who was able to tell us about an aircraft crash he witnessed as a boy during WW2.


The local community PCO's visited and explained their role and duties.  The children enjoyed finding out about all the equipment they carried in order to do their job and the many hats that they are issued with!


Our annual visit to engineering week was very interesting, allowing the children to find out about local jobs that involve Engineering, Science or Maths.  They had great fun interacting with new technology.


The Spring Term




Our Spring topic  was Journeys.  We started with a trip through the lost words and then moved on to discovering the life and voyages of Captain James Cook.


In English we produced a persuasive argument to bring back the lost words as well as poetry and art work inspired by this wonderful book.  Whilst researching Captain James Cook we wrote adverts for crew members, a biography, a report on the life of sailors at this time and a sea adventure story.  


In science our focussed moved onto plants and we enjoyed growing plants from seeds as well as conducing experiments on some of the plants that we grew.  With the help of Hidden Horizons we looked at plants that grew in our local area and around our school. 


In Maths we looked at place value, the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)  We also explored 3D shapes, angles, parallel and perpendicular.  We also looked at fractions of numbers as well as how to add and subtract fractions.


In PE we travelled to the gym and practiced basic movements and combinations to produce gymnastic routines.  At the end of the term we were able to practice basketball skills.


Trips and visitors - Spring 2019


We were lucky enough to join class 2 from Hackness and travel to Kjartan Poskitt's - Murderous Maths Show at the YMCA theatre.  The children had lots of fun learning their 1089 times tables, interesting things about Fibonacci and some interesting stories about mathematicians.


We had an amazing day in Whitby, visiting the HMB Bark Endeavour and exploring life onboard for Captain Cook and his crew, this was followed by an afternoon at the Whitby Museum looking at all the curiosities and exhibits.

We've had 9 1 2 8 visitors