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Rolls-Royce Science Prize

We were very proud and excited to have been chosen as WINNERS of the Rolls-Royce Science Prize 2016!


The SMArt Project: Science through Multisensory Arts seeks to integrate Science and creative disciplines, such as dance, drama, music and visual arts, to ignite children’s natural curiosity and provide them with a forum in which to explore answers to their questions about themselves and the world around them. This multimodal way of teaching Science aims to provide children with a platform from which they can communicate scientific concepts to reinforce their understanding and clarify their thinking. Kinaesthetic experiences not only embed learning to provide children with a secure foundation of scientific knowledge but also makes delivering curriculum content a more invigorating experience for staff, enabling them to explore new teaching styles and celebrate cross-curricular learning. To give purpose to the children’s learning, they work towards regular presentation events whereby they communicate to an audience: their families, peers or members of the local community. 

As finalists, Rolls-Royce awarded us £5000 to develop and enhance the project - we will be using this money to provide the children with rich, cross-curricular experiences (such as our work with Stephen Joseph Theatre in December 2015) and to buy resources to support Science teaching & learning throughout school. At the end of the first year of the project, we saw pupil engagement in Science rise from 51% to 72%, with most pupils attaining to at least the expected standard but many also exceeding expectation - particularly in Early Years and Key Stage One. 

We continue to use our winner's prize money to develop the project on a wider scale, working with a cluster of schools in the local area.
Picture 1 We worked on our Light and Sound topic
Picture 2 Children learned how to use their bodies to block
Picture 3 ... And how their position in relation to the ligh
Picture 4 Older children applied their knowledge of Computin
Picture 5 As part of our Forces, learning, children used mag
Picture 6 ... which helped them to understand that some mate
Picture 7 It also helped children to see how magnetic forces
Picture 8 ... while children were engaged in a creative proc
Picture 9 The Infants' "Push, pull, twist, turn" mural
Picture 10 Children explored movement independently while con
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