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Mighty Oaks (Upper KS2)

Welcome to Mighty Oaks!


The children follow the curriculum and are encouraged to be independent. This page aims to give you an insight into what the children have been up to in lessons and what is planned.      


Upcoming trips

This year we are looking at World War One and Two so will be visiting Eden Camp in November.

As part of the Heritage Arts Project we will be visiting the Rotunda, Woodend and Scarborough library.

We will be visiting the local area to investigate the plants found in and around the school.


The Autumn Term


Our Autumn topic is Remembrance.  In English we shall be reading War Horse and Goodnight Mr Tom.  We shall use these stories as a base for our own writing which will include stories, poems and reports. As historians we will be looking at World War One and Two.  We shall be finding out how they started, which countries were involved and how it affected those on the home front.  We shall be continuing our Heritage Schools project with an investigation into the impact of the wars on the people in the local area. In art we shall be producing our own recruitment posters based on the famous World War One Kitchener posters.  Then we shall be making Christmas presents using the make-do-and-mend ideas from World War Two.


This term, in science, we will be investigating materials.  We shall be finding out about the properties of different materials and how these properties affect their uses.  Then we shall be investigating solids, liquids and gases and how some materials can change state. 


As mathematicians we shall be looking at the four operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will look at fractions and how to add and subtract them.  We shall also be exploring shapes, their angles and how they can be moved on a co-ordination grid.  We will look at graphs and they questions that can be answered using them.


In French Year 5 will concentrate on being able to talk about their family.  This involves mastering the verb 'avoir' (to have) in a positive and well as negative sentence.   Year 6 children will work on more detailed descriptions of themselves as well as other people, learn numbers from 69-100 and use the verbs 'avoir' (to have) and 'être' (to be).


For sport we will be practising our ball skills for both football and hockey.  If it is too wet we will look at different dancing styles from between the First and Second World Wars.  After half term we will be travelling to Pickering for swimming lessons.


The Spring Term


Our topic this term is journeys.  We shall be basing our writing on Journey To The Centre Of The Earth by Jules Verne, this will include story writing and reports about our Earth.  


As mathematicians we will be consolidating our fractions knowledge, investigating angles within shapes and on a straight line ( finding missing angles ), problem solving involving measures and area, problem solving involving statistics and algebra problems.


In Science we shall investigate our Solar system, looking at the planets and how our Earth orbits the sun.  We shall investigate how shadows change during the day and why this happens.  We will look at the seasons and the reason for the seasons.


As geographers we will be finding out about European countries, including their natural features, such as mountains and rivers, their culture and how Britain fits in to Europe.


As artists we are continuing with our Heritage Arts Project, details of which can be found on our Heritage Schools page. We will also look at famous European artists such as Monet, Picasso and Opie.


In PE we will explore movement during gymnastics and team games at Malton Sports Centre.


We will also be taking part in the area debating competition which this year is all about school uniform.



The Summer Term


This term we will be reading JM Barry's Peter Pan and exploring the different ways the story has been told.  We are comparing the book to the Disney film and will be writing and performing a play based on the story.  His life will also be investigated.


In mathematics we will be look at measures and statistics and the four operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Then we shall be using our knowledge to problem solve and investigate mathematical ideas.


Plants will be the focus in science, with investigations into plant reproduction and habitats.  We will explore the local area and identify the plants in and around the school.  We will look at how plants have adapted to the environment and the animals in their environment.  


As artists we shall be completing our Heritage Arts Project and be preparing for the exhibition at the end of the term.


As historians we will be looking at primary sources and how the local area has changed over time, focusing on the buildings and how maps of the area have changed. This then continues into our map work as geographers.


Athletics and team games, such as cricket and rounders, are the focus for this term.  Leading up to Sports Day at the end of term. 




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