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Here are some of the events the children have taken part in this year, in their own words.  They are only allowed 50 words ( excluding the title).


The trip to the amazing Barley Hall


On the 8th of March KS2 arrived at Barley Hall. A maid escorted us inside, she showed us the way around the massive house.  She taught us about the Tudors and how they lived, their medicine and manners.  It was so fascinating!


Wykeham's Debating Team


At the town hall in Scarborough, the year sixes with Hackness went to a debating contest.  We were debating about if social media was safe for kids.  When everyone had finished their speeches, the judges went to make their decision.  As they entered the room, everyone was scared. WE CAME SECOND!


Dance Performance!


Yesterday our dance troupe performed the ultimate dance: Mr Vain!!!  It was great fun and very entertaining. Our costumes were a variety of colours like the rainbow.  Julie Hatton taught us the entire dance, step by step.  Mums and dads loved it!  It was a day we will never forget.


Laser Shooting


On 29/03/18 Wykeham KS2 had a laser shooting lesson.  The man who taught us was called Cyril, and he was clearly amazing at aiming! The year sixes carried the equipment inside and we got started after watching a video.  I wasn't very good at it but my friends sure were!


We've had 9 8 4 6 visitors