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Heritage Schools Project 2017/18

This year the junior children are taking part in the Heritage Schools project in collaboration with Historic England.  We have been looking at the history of the village and the school. 


We have found out about the school and who built it.  The children have looked through the Logbook and found some interesting things!


Picture 1
The children researched various important buildings in the village, such as the school, the church and the Downe Arms.  This is what they found out!
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1
The school was built in 1856 and was designed by the same person who designed the church.  To find out more please read his biography.  
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Picture 2
As part of the project we became history detectives, using the buildings in the village as our clues to the past. Here are some of the pictures from our trip.
Our next investigation will focus on Wykeham Abbey.  

Heritage Arts Project 2018/19

As a follow on to the Heritage Schools Project, the year 5 and 6 pupils are taking part in the Heritage Arts Project run by Scarborough Museums Trust.

We have been asked to produce paper mache buildings, based on those in the village, which will be on display in the museum.


The project so far has involved two workshops with different artists, one a poet and the other an artist from the local area.  The children have used these workshops to produce poems about the village and to help them with their buildings.  We have also visited Scarborough library to research the village. 


We have also visited the Rotunda and found out about how exhibits are curated and have investigated various historical artefacts from their collection. 



We've had 9 8 3 0 visitors