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Mighty Oaks (Upper KS2)

Welcome to Mighty Oaks!


Children in years 3,4, 5,6 and Mrs Owen and Mrs Bell form the Junior class. The children follow the curriculum and are encouraged to be independent. This page aims to give you an insight into what the children have been up to in lesson and what is planned.      


Trips and visitors


We have already had a visit from the NSPCC, who discussed staying safe with their campaign 'Speak out, stay safe.'


This term the children will be visiting a wood near Hackness as part of their forest schools experience.  


Marilyn Spence, a local artist, will be visiting the school this term to look at the work produced by the children based on her work.


A visit to the Stephen Joseph Theatre is planned to investigate African Dance.


We will be visiting the Engineering week at Scarborough this term.




Our topic is a Wonderful World.  We will be looking at how the climate affects the plant types around the world, focusing on the United Kingdom and Africa. The children will be researching both areas and producing and explanation text based on their work. We shall look at the differences between the two places and how this affects the use of land, jobs and production of food. Our link with a school in Africa will be explored.

Images of the African landscape will be used in our art work.


This term, in science, we will be investigating light.  We will be looking at how shadows are made and how light travels.  We will investigate reflections and lenses.


As mathematicians we shall be looking at the four operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will look at fractions and how to add and subtract them.  We shall also be exploring shapes, their angles and how they can be moved on a co-ordination grid.  We will look at graphs and they questions that can be answered using them.


In French Year 5 will concentrate on being able to talk about their family.  This involves mastering the verb 'avoir' (to have) in a positive and well as negative sentence.   Year 6 children will work on more detailed descriptions of themselves as well as other people, learn numbers from 69-100 and use the verbs 'avoir' (to have) and 'être' (to be).


For sport we will be practising our ball skills for both football and hockey.  If it is too wet we will look at dance from around the world, such as African dance. We have been invited by the Stephen Joseph Theatre to take part in an African dance workshop.  After half term we will be travelling to Pickering for swimming lessons. 







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