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KS2 Overview

Junior Curriculum Overview - Summer Term 2017



This term we will be writing adventure stories based on our holiday experiences.  We will look at what makes a good adventure story and use this to plan our own.  Then, as part of our Wonderful World topic, we will be exploring explanation texts and then producing our own based on our research of the United Kingdom and Africa.



This term with year three we are going to learn the names of fruits and how to express likes and dislikes about them, with year four we will make use of the conditional tense to order fruits and vegetables. With year five we will use the perfect tense to describe what we have eaten for breakfast while with year six we will express opinion towards healthy and unhealthy food.



As mathematicians we shall be focusing on the four operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We shall be learning how to use formal methods to solve problems involving these operations.  We shall also be looking at equivalent fractions and how to convert fractions to decimals and percentages. We shall look at addition and subtraction of fractions. We shall investigate angles and learn how to use a protractor.  We will be looking at shapes and the angles within shapes.  We will work on measuring lengths and solving problems to do with measures.  We shall be collecting and analysing data using graphs.



This term we will be looking at the Romans and what they did for us.  We shall investigate their inventions and how life in Britain changed after they arrived.



We will be investigating light.  We will find out how light travels and how shadows are produced.  We will investigate reflection and refraction and record our results.  We will look at lenses and 



As part of the topic we will be using maps of the world and looking at the climate zones.  Investigating two different locations, looking at the terrain and climate.



This term we will be looking at values - what matters most and friendship.  We will be thinking about how life is a journey and comparing Christian values.


Art and design.

We will be looking at Roman art including mosaic flooring and using this as a base for our own designs.

We will be learning how to cook and use equipment safely this term.



The juniors will be using Charanga - Classroom Jazz 2 to help pupils learn to read notation, play and improvise jazz.  They are invited to bring in instruments for the music sessions. 



We will be looking at how to search for information and the benefits and problems of the internet. We will cover internet safety.  We will also look at the use of Excel in mathematics.



We are at the cricket ground this term.  Athletics will be the focus for the first half of the term in preparation for Sports Day.  We also have a cricket coach coming to teach cricket and a dance coach.



This term pupils will be made aware about different learning choices and future options.  Pupils will be taught how people save and how the money we earn supports the community.  


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