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Welcome to Acorns!


Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 form Acorn Class and work with Mrs Thorp and Mrs Baines. As well as following the statutory curriculum for their year group, children in Infants are encouraged to follow their own lines of inquiry in our well-resourced indoor and outdoor provision. This page aims to give you an insight into what the children have been up to in lessons and during their independent learning in our provision.    



Below you will find the long- and medium-term planning documents for the Acorn class, with a brief overview of what teaching and learning will cover for KS1. Children in Reception will access theme work as appropriate to their learning needs and styles - we plan in-the-moment supported by objective-led planning to secure their individual development and progress in line with their interests.

December 2017

What a busy term it has been! The Acorns have really embraced the Christmas spirit over the last few weeks, with our trip up to Dalby Forest with the Saplings to decorate a tree for their Christmas tree competition. Unfortunately, we didn't win (well done, Kirkbymoorside Primary School!) but Savannah, our school representative, did get to meet Miriam Margoyles and we all loved taking part! 

We had a wonderful time at the Stephen Joseph Theatre watching Aluki and Nanuk. Reception children have really enjoyed orally retelling the story since and the play served as a brilliant introduction for next term's theme: Exploration (more information to follow!).


Finally, can we just say an enormous WELL DONE to all the children in Acorns for their superb performance of 'Hey Ewe!' in church. All staff are so impressed at how beautifully the children sang, how well they remembered their lines and how wonderfully they showed off their dance moves (especially our dabbing angels!). Thank you to all parents and carers who helped children with their lines - we're sure you'll agree they all did you proud!

Have a lovely, safe and restful Christmas break and we will see you in January.

Mrs Thorp and Mrs Baines.

April 2016

Children have been developing their storytelling and writing skills using Talk for Writing. We have taken inspiration from the Brazilian folk tale 'The Birds and the Monster'. Children have planned using story maps which has helped them all to write wonderful stories with some really sophisticated language. We will be focusing on non-fiction now until the May half-term.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

We'd also like to welcome Miss Fanous, a trainee teacher, who will be working alongside the team in the Acorn class until 2 weeks after May half-term.

Mrs Thorp & the Infant team


March 2016 

Spring term has proven to be another busy term in the Acorn class, with highlights including a visit from the Archbishop of York back in January and our Inside Out Fashion Show at the Downe Arms in March.

Children have been learning all about celebrations as part of our RE work this term. They have been observing the similarities and differences between Christian celebrations and those from other faiths and cultures, such as Diwali and Chinese New Year. In the run up to Easter, we have been learning all about Holy Week. Children have been responding to the Easter story through English and Art activities and by discussing their ideas about sacrifice and justice. We have been really impressed with the maturity pupils have shown when discussing these 'big' ideas!

Science is also proving to be a popular subject with the children - this term we have focused on Electricity and The Body. Our Electricity topic work culminated in the creation of a light-up map by the KS1 children, while children in Reception explored circuits using Electrodough. Our work on the Body was enhanced by the addition of a Hospital role play area. Children have enjoyed diagnosing one another with various ailments and have even been drawing their own X-Rays and making their own optician charts, using their knowledge from Phonics to help them!

Picture 1 One of the patients in our hospital
Picture 2 Nervous faces at rehearsals for the fashion show!
Picture 3 Electro-dough expert at work!
Picture 4 KS1 pupils working together to build a circuit
We have also been exploring new ways of practicing our spellings. There are lots of tricky spelling patterns and alternative pronunciations for the Y1 and Y2 children to learn but they are rising to the challenge and enjoying getting creative as they work through their spelling lists. Please speak to Mrs Thorp if you would like more information about how we are teaching spelling alongside Phonics and how you can use some of our ideas at home!
Picture 1 Making use of the weather for some 'cool spelling'
Picture 2 Building words

The Spring term has also seen pupils return to Shout Gym for PE. We are learning a Zumba routine (which will be presented to parents after Easter - watch out for details in the newsletter) as well as developing our balance, agility and co-ordination and gymnastic skills.

We have also had a new addition to the Acorn family - a pet fish, donated by Mrs Isaac. Children have enjoyed watching him settle in to our classroom and after making a list of potential names for him, we voted on our favourite name.


Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you all to Zoomer (suggested by a Reception pupil because "he zooms around his tank")!



We hope you have an enjoyable Easter break!

Mrs Thorp & the Infant team

December 2015

We had a packed calendar of Events in the run up to Christmas with our performances at the Stephen Joseph Theatre, the carol concert at church, our appearance at the Farmer's Market, the trip to York and caroling at Hutton Buscel. Thank you to all those who have supported these events.

In addition to our many visits and performances, the children spent December inspired by Christmas (of course). We were lucky enough to have our very own Christmas Post Office, a popular part of the classroom for all the children where they were able to apply their knowledge of money, measure and the world around them to run the Post Office with efficiency! Children also developed their data handling skills by sorting sweets by colour and recording the results in tallies, frequency tables and graphs. Needless to say, the sweets soon disappeared at the end of the lesson!



Christmas also presented us with opportunities to develop our crafting skills and we were pleased to welcome our Chair of Governors Mrs Crossley into the classroom. She showed us how to make our own tree decorations - we took some home and sent some to be sold at the Christmas Craft Fair. We also made Christmas cards for our families and made paper chains to brighten up the classroom as part of our Christmas celebrations.


Following such a busy Autumn term, we hope you have all managed to have a safe and peaceful Christmas break! We look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

Mrs Thorp & the Infant team.


November 2015


What a busy month, with our trips to Pickering for swimming and to Scarborough for our work at the Stephen Joseph! 

Children started November thinking about why and how we celebrate Bonfire Night. KS1 wrote poems using a range of adjectives and onomatopoeia, while children in Reception explored a range of painting techniques to create firework pictures. Children were also encouraged to use pictures and text to follow instructions to make their own rockets!

Picture 1 Splatter painting outside
Picture 2 Blowing a mixture of paint and water
Picture 3 Working independently in the Creative area

We moved on to thinking about why we wear poppies in November and learned a little bit about trench life and how animals were used in World War One. We also learned about "real life superhero" (as put by a Year One pupil) Edith Cavell. 

In RE, we learned about the similarities and differences between Diwali and some of our own Christian festivals. Children participated in a Diwali celebration, sampling barfi, designing their own mendhi patterns and making diya. Children particularly enjoyed learning the story of Rama ad Sita and retelling it in their own words or with stick puppets. 

Our work in English is being driven by the story Jack and the Beanstalk. A giant's castle and life size beanstalk has appeared in our role play area, allowing children to participate in oral storytelling and develop their imaginative ideas. KS1 are currently innovating their own version of the story, having learned a version off by heart to develop their understanding of language and structure, with hand actions to help them remember. This seems to be having an amazing impact on their writing, so we will try and post some of their work here in our December update. Even Reception have got in the on the act, learning the story and applying their understanding of segmenting words to write labels and captions for pictures from the story.


"... When Jack got to the top, he spied a HUGE castle in the distance..."


 We hope to see you all at our Nativity at the Stephen Joseph Theatre on December 11th. You can buy tickets here and read more about how the children have been applying their scientific understanding to the Nativity via the Rolls Royce page of the website. We also have our Christmas Fayre on Saturday, December 12th - for more information please see the latest newsletter or contact Mrs Tubbs at the office. Finally, our Christmas service and carol concert is on Thursday 17th December!

Phew - lots to remember so please don't hesitate to speak to one of us for more information!


October 2015

October has been an exciting month in the Infant Class.

One morning, the children arrived at school to find a mysterious letter along with a strange package, filled with car parts! The letter was from none other than Batman, who was appealing for the children's help to reassemble his Batmobile.

All children set to work designing a new vehicle for Batman with great enthusiasm, some demonstrating in-depth knowledge about the necessary components for a reliable car (including the all-important boot "for his food shop at the weekend"!). After the children were satisfied with their designs, Reception worked with Mrs Cooper to build the new Batmobile. This prompted lots of superhero role play for the younger children, while KS1 children developed their story writing with their very own superhero stories.


KS1 have also been improving their knowledge of instruction texts and were keen to apply their newfound understanding practically when we made banana milkshakes - before they were able to start following the recipe, they had to put it into order. Despite some initial reluctance to try the end product from some children, everyone decided to have a taste in the end and all were pleasantly surprised with the results!

And of course, October marked the world premiere of our school Science play - How to Save the World from a Giant Space Magnet! The children worked really hard on the play, from devising the plot to writing their lines and then performing it to families at the end of the half term, and did themselves proud throughout. Thank you to all those who came to support the children - we hope you learned a thing or two about forces and magnets! (An extra special well done to Reception, all of whom had the confidence to get up in front of the audience to perform their dance despite having only started school seven weeks ago!) We were pleased to hear that the children have been sharing their scientific understanding at home.

The first two weeks of the new half term will be spent focusing on first Bonfire Night and then Remembrance. We will also be sending home further information about our upcoming project with Stephen Joseph Theatre so keep an eye on book bags!

Mrs Thorp & the Infant team.

September 2015

Welcome back! 

Much of our work this month has been focused around the topic Superheroes, particularly in English. Children have been enjoying a range of books about superheroes but the most popular so far has been Supertato! In Maths, KS1 have been developing their understanding of number, place value and the four operations, using a range of practical and written methods to help them.

Picture 1 Retelling stories using pictures and props.
Picture 2 Ordering numbers 0 - 20
Picture 3 Finding one more/one less on a 100 square

We have started this term's Science topic Forces and Magnets. We are enjoying exploring scientific ideas through the use of creative and visual arts as part of our project as Rolls Royce Science Prize Finalists (watch this space for the fortnightly blog all about our work on this project).

Reception have enjoyed exploring forces in their independent play, starting with small-scale plastic and wooden marble runs and then taking their interest outside to build enormous runs for balls and vehicles, using crates, guttering and our fixed play equipment!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Mrs Baines, Mrs Cooper and I have been very impressed with how well all children have adjusted back in to the routines of school life - particularly all the Reception children who have settled in beautifully! 

Well done to all the children!

Mrs Thorp & the Infant team.

July 2015

We are having a busy summer so far in the Infant Class. We have participated in not one but TWO Sports Days - one at Sherburn for the EY/KS1 Cluster Sports Day, and our whole school Sports Day at the Cricket Club. At both events, the children really did the school proud with the levels of effort they demonstrated - despite the high temperatures.

Picture 1 The carousel of activities was a great way for chi
Picture 2 We even had a go at discus!
Picture 3 4th place
Picture 4 3rd place
Picture 5 2nd place
Picture 6 1st place!
Our outdoor area is coming into its own, and the children have really enjoyed exploring our new water resources.
Picture 1 The novelty of our copper and brass resources have
Picture 2 Children have been practically applying their unde
Picture 3 The tea urn has prompted lots of estimation and in
Picture 4 We have also enjoyed exploring what happens to wat
We have been exploiting the beautiful Summer weather in our Maths and Literacy lessons: this was particularly useful when getting to grips with the finer details of Venn and Carroll diagrams, where children could place themselves into the diagrams. We developed this during our trip to Robin Hood's Bay as we collected shells, rocks and seaweed on the beach!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Last but not least - we would like to say thank you to those who came to support our Arty Afternoon. We really enjoyed hosting it and are hoping that it will become a regular part of our school calendar.

Our Andy Goldsworthy inspired outdoor art gallery, in our woodland area, was the result of many hard hours creating with natural objects and then tweaking images on the computers to create pop-art masterpieces! 

We loved putting on the play and hearing the positive response from the audience, too. We worked for a number of weeks rehearsing, learning lines and creating props so to have such a big turn out for the 'Big Day' was really rewarding. Thanks again to parents for providing the piratey costumes!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
That's all for this month. Have a great summer and watch this space in September for more updates!

Mrs Thorp & the Infant team.
Following the Phonics meeting on 22nd October, here is a copy of the slideshow we shared, including how to pronounce each phoneme and some of the vocabulary the children learn in school. 

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